JEFF COLES RESMUE: Specific excerpts – June 2008

Promotional Photography

• Maintaining to this day, photography of a diverse range of commercial, promotional and aerial assignments. Clients include many Private Schools and Universities, in several states; major Retail Shopping complexes; Local Government especially regional, with their Tourist Information Centers; quite a list of A.C.T. Institutions; major Leagues and Sporting Clubs, in N.S.W. and now Restaurants.

• A specific Quote for many of my photographic assignments, evolves from the initial surveying process, where each nominated / interesting “subject area” is identified, with a specific photography fee allocated, normally $500- to $1000+. With interiors requiring extensive additional lighting, and organized activity, considerable time is needed to both set-up and to move on from that area, hence three major lit interiors, with orchestrated activity, would end up a solid day’s activity!

• Regarding the way we record the actual digital image, we have purchased industry best technology, manufactured by market leaders “Creo Leaf” in Israel. The Leaf digital capture system is the most expensive and sophisticated available. Kodak 2005 acknowledged the significance of the Leaf technology, by purchasing the company.

• Our two Hasselblad camera systems, with the detachable Leaf capture back providing the combination needed for high quality commercial imaging. My Leaf 22 mega pixel back, generates a HDR 16-bit color depth / 126mb-164mb (Tiff) file.

• Should you need exceptional image quality, for poster / mural / billboard display, then I do offer an exclusive alternative imaging service, using the German Linhof 4”x5” sheet film camera, of which I have several models. A 4”x5” sheet of film, needs an 800mb scan if the detail retained in that sheet of film is to be fully seen, on enlargement.

• Established Movie Images Aust. Ltd. (1984-5) raising $2.24 Million Production Finance, over six years, from Australian taxpayers, for the production of seventeen documentaries, being a series of 1 hour productions, on Australian sporting clubs, including the A.F.L.; N.R.L; Soccer; and Cricket Australia. Total marketing including video cassette sales exceeded $2.36 Million. Investors received at least 50% return, with-in 90 days, on their 133% tax deductible investment

Aerial Photography

• Have photographed hundreds of locations throughout Australia from low flying aircraft and helicopters. An actual quote is subject to variables including: the specific angles, (therefore altitudes required) other opportunities to defray / share costs, helicopter or light aircraft availability or suitability, and proximity / access to airports. Weather delays are normal: haze; pollution, high / low level cloud, the suns actual inclination / direction (influencing the length of shadows) and distant horizon contrast all play a part.

• Prefer to shoot onto film, using my two modified Royal Air Force F24 cameras that use 4”x 5” sheet film, with the capability to record very fine detail, beyond the capabilities of the latest digital cameras. However we also provide digital aerial photography, using our two Hasselblad’s with their Zeiss aerial quality lenses, complemented by the Leaf 22 mega pixel recording back. - International lens test curves (MTF) are viewable on the Web, demonstrating the superior quality of the lenses I use.

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